Ready to consistently dominate on social media - with content systems that save you TONS of time? Let’s ditch the overwhelm of content - together!

After 8 Years Of Working As A Social Media Strategist - With The Biggest Names Across Many Industries - I’ve Put Together My Best Content Systems, Workflows, Strategies, And Hacks… Into One Power-Packed Course!

  • The Domino Content System: my powerful workflow that has brought me 200,000+ new followers in 2 months… And takes just minutes to complete. 
  • ​Crushing Content in 20 Minutes Per Day: creating great content shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes a day. I’ll teach you my exact frameworks and workflows for working smarter on content creation. 
  • Engagement Jumpstart Pack: pack of strategies and scripts to jumpstart your engagement on any social media platform (emails, too!). 
  • ​The 365 Content Planning System: A-Z of how to create a 1 year content plan for ALL your marketing platforms… Content that performs and reaches your dream audience.
  • ​Viral Content Secrets Framework: exactly how to plan and create content that goes viral - every time you use it. 
  • The Content Rotation System: wish you could take time off and still have content being posted as though you never left? My content rotation system changes the game - as you will always have a baseline of consistent content working for you.
  • Rachel’s Hashtag Secrets: a complete training AND hashtag tracker (plus hashtags hacks that will save you hours each month).
  • Hook ‘Em In: Copy & Paste, Plug & Play expertly crafted hooks that will instantly boost your reach and/or views.
  • IP Content Extraction Method: have you ever wished you could get your content ideas out of your head - so others can help you with your marketing? This method is powerful for organizing your content ideas so you are set up to outsource.
  • Rachel’s Content Library System: I’m sharing training and my very own system templates - so your content will always be organized, easy to find, and under control! This is the exact system I use to manage the massive amounts of content I create and share.
  • Advanced Marketing Hacks: I’ve tested thousands of strategies and hacks - to see what attracts eyeballs, leads, and sales. In this module I’m sharing exactly what works BEST to take content creation to the next level!

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Plus All Of These Bonuses!

  • BRAND NEW BONUS : Short Form Video Domination : Ready to CRUSH it with short form videos? How about reaching 1000s, 10,000s, 100,000s or even MILLIONS with your videos? 
  • Templates, swipes, examples, and training to do JUST THAT are in this bonus! I’ll give you my exact playbook that helps me reach 10-50million people per month with short form video.
  • What about generating TONS of leads with short form video? I gotchu covered with my workflow and system that helps me generate 100s of leads per day with easy videos.

  • Grow While Resting: How I grew by 47,000 followers on just one platform in one week without creating a single piece of content.
  • ​Monetized Content Machine: How to make money with your content, even if you don’t have a ton of followers yet. (This one bonus can pay for the entire program itself!) 
  • My Top-Performing Swipes: An easy-to-navigate library so that you can see which content works best on each platform.
  • ​AI Copy Hacks: My complete framework on how to produce MORE, better content in just MINUTES. This is the system I’ve used to produce lead magnets, content hooks, scripts, and more—with time to spare (perfect for busy people and parents, whose time is precious!)
  • ​One Tech Stack to Rule Them All: Ever wonder which tech tools/software to use in order to save time and money? I’m breaking down the best, most affordable combinations of tech platforms and workflows to maximize time that we’ve discovered—so you can save money while also getting your content created with ease.
  • The Content Rotation System: wish you could take time off and still have content being posted as though you never left? My content rotation system changes the game - as you will always have a baseline of consistent content working for you.

What People Are Saying About CDS!!!

Rachel Pedersen

‘Queen of Social Media’.

Is an expert in all things social media! She accelerates in empowering businesses with social media strategies that support MASSIVE, needle-moving growth…

As a Social Media Strategist Rachel has worked with clients like Dean Graziosi, Cristy CodeRed, Lionsgate, Dani Johnson, and ClickFunnels

She is a former hairstylist whose work has won awards - both for her clients and for her business. Rachel has spoken on stages including Traffic & Conversion, Funnel Hacking Live, and Social Media Marketing World all focusing on her social media strategies. 


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